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MySpace is a free social networking Internet service that allows anyone with a valid email address to set up their own custom MySpace web page. It is everything what the new generation wants. It combines instant messaging, blogging, chatting, and pictures, all in one nicely wrapped package that's free of charge.

Users fill out individual profiles and surveys posting everything from their birthdays, schools, favorite movies, music they listen to, and their sexual preference. Friends can post immediate comments or can contact the person directly by pm. People dialog and make comments back and forth for all to see-it's like an interactive tv reality show.MySpace isn't proprietary. It's a central place where users from all over the world can come together, hang out, and chat.

This online teen hangout was started in July 2003 by Tom Anderson, a UC Berkeley and UCLA alumnus who wanted to provide a place where people could post music, chat, and spread the word about what's hot. Popular from the start, MySpace exploded into an epidemic in the early 2005. In July, 2005 Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation (the parent company of Fox Broadcasting) bought MySpace for a small chunk of change only $580 million....

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