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How to make a web proxy?

1 Finding the right web proxy host.

Its very easy to make a web proxy. first you need to find webhost that allows web proxies not all webhost allows it because its eats allot of CPU power and it eats allots of bandwitch. The best option is the buty your own detected server. But if you do want to try it out first you have some shared proxy host like Xproxyhost, Monsterprox and TMZhosting.

2 Picking a web proxy script.

You have several web proxy scripts that you can use for free like CGi proxy, Phproxy, Zelune and Glype. I think the best script you can use at the moment is glype because it gets requlery updated, easy to use, new plugins and have some nice options that other web proxy scripts dont have. Also Phproxy is not that bad only it dont get updated anymore.

3 Finding the right theme for your web proxy.

When you downloaded the web proxy script that you want to use you get a basic theme. Its better to make your own inqeue theme or convert a free theme to the web proxy script that your using. its not that hard to convert a theme to a web proxy script you only need some basic HTML knowlegde.

4 Finding the right ad network

The most used ad network is Adsense. You can use Adsense on your main page but not on your proxiefied pages because adsense TOS does not allow it. On you proxiefied pages you have to use something else like Adbrite or Xtendmedia.

5 Promothing your web proxy

When you uploaded web proxy to your web proxy host or detected server its time to promote your proxy. see this tutorial for more information on how to promote your web proxy.

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