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Proxy Webmaster FAQ

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Promoting your web proxy through Yahoo and Google Groups

Promoting your web proxy through Yahoo and Google Groups

Yahoo and Google proxy groups are a great source to advertise your proxy websites. Most of these Yahoo and Google groups will allow you to post your proxy website to their group, just make sure to join and then it takes only a few seconds to submit your proxy to one group. Make A list of your web proxies in notepad so you can easily copy that list when you need to submit your web proxies.

Making your own proxy mail group.

When you have some web proxies. Its time to make your own proxy email group (moderated). To build some extra traffic to your new web proxies. The best option is to make your own Yahoo group because proxy users can sign-up with any email address. When you use a Google group proxy users need a Google account so less people that signup to a Google Group. When you made your own Yahoo group its time to promote it on your web proxies or proxy related websites. Yahoo groups got a promote option the best option is to use Add a subscribe box code to your web-pages so that users can easily sign-up for your proxy group. When you don't have much proxies to promote you need find a source of new web proxies. You can post a topic on DP (digital point webmaster forum) or get your web proxies from proxy list websites most of them have a page with latest web proxies.

Here is a list with Yahoo proxy groups:

1. free-proxy-server


3. proxy_grou

4. onefake



7. ProxyMaster Mod need to approve

8. proxy-sharing

9. free_proxys_list

10. bypass_filter_by_proxy

11. mygmproxy

12. My_Proxy_Base_Centre

13. schoolproxy Mod need to approve

14. IQReverseProxy

15. ub-n3t Mod need to approve

16. everydaylist Mod need to approve

18. Pick-A-Proxy

Here is a list with Google proxy groups:

dont forget for this you need a google account to join a google group to post your web proxies. Also some emails need to be aproved by a group owner first

1. unblocktheblocked

2. proxymaster

3. free-proxy-list-update-dail Mod need to approve

4. Proxy-List-Forum

5. fast-proxy Mod need to approve

6. wofia

7. the-free-proxy-lis

8. everydayproxy

9. zero-meter-brand-new-proxies

10. web-proxy-list

11. topplist Mod need to approve

12. proxy-avoidance

13. new-free-proxie Mod need to approve

14. proxy-web-sites Mod need to approve

15. proxyboostercn-group

16. anonymizerProxy Mod need to approve

17. onlynewwebproxy

18. proxiesforall

19. 4CpS59gD

20. blxd8mU

21. needproxy

22. proxyeater Mod need to approve

23. iproxy

24. proxies4u Mod need to approve

25. proxypromo

26. anonymous-web-proxies-php

27. myspaceproxy Mod need to approve

28. free-web-proxy-gtnetwork Mod need to approve

29. the-proxifiers-network

30. periodical-proxies Mod need to approve

31. prox-hub Mod need to approve

32. vip-proxy

33. Digital-Security

34. unblock-nexus Mod need to approve

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