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Proxy Webmaster FAQ

Proxy Webmaster FAQ

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Promoting your Web proxy through Yahoo Answers.

Donít expect hundreds of visitors from yahoo answers per day, but it will definitely bring in some extra traffic to your proxy site. First must make a Yahoo account if you already donít have one and login on http://answers.yahoo.com

How to find proxy related answers on Yahoo Answers?

If you are logged into Yahoo answers go to Advanced (next to the search button).

1. Keyword fill in Unblock or proxy.

2. Question Status Open Questions Best answer has not been chosen.

And press then on the Search button. Now you must watch out that you donít spam the shit out of it or you get banned. You must also known your links are not clickable on level one. When you reached level 2 your links get clickable. Its also a good idea to answers some non proxy related questions. Each questions you answer gives you two points.

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