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6 Ways To Earn Money at Twitter

The popularity of Twitter has taken the internet like a storm. Who would expect that a simple social networking and member-following site would be this famous? Members just can't let a day pass without visiting the site. They love sharing to people from around the world how their day went or to let them know about a new post to their blogs. The networking opportunity brought about by Twitter also has great advantages most especially to bloggers, website owners and to people who are looking for other ways to earn money online.

Many business owners used to spend thousands of dollars just to buy leads and email addresses of people with email accounts online. Twitter has simplified this process with their follow-a-friend feature. Once a member is already your friend, you can always send a message to him or her. Who needs email addresses when you can send messages to your friends in a flash? Or share to them in seconds about new updates or posts on your blogs?

Now the question is, can we earn money at Twitter aside from getting free advertisement and gaining marketing opportunities? Could it be possible to earn money online by Twittering everyday? I have searched for possible ways on how an individual can earn money through Twitter. You may be in doubt to try these services but you have nothing to lose. These six (6) ways to earn money online through Twitter are listed below.


Dneero is a survey site which makes you earn money by answering surveys or participating in discussions. You can follow DNeero on Twitter and every time the site has a new tweet in the form of a question, you can answer it through your account. Once your answer was approved by the advertiser, they will pay you. This payment will be added to your account balance. Another way to earn money at DNeero is by participating in discussions. Part of the process is by adding a code of the conversations to your blog or social networking profiles and leaving it on for a few days. Once the total number of days is completed, they add up the conversation payout to your account balance. Once your total income has reach $20, you will be paid through Paypal.


Twittad makes you and the advertisers meet. Here, the amount of money you earn depends on how many followers you have. At Twittad, they have their own way of calculating this rate. You will earn approximately more than $20 if you have more than a hundred followers. This rate differs though per account.


This site is different from Twittad above. You will be given links to be posted on your Twitter account. Every time a visitor clicks on that link, you earn money. The rate per click ranges from $0.01 to $0.05. You can request your payout when your earnings reach $20.


SocialSpark is a part of the IZEA network, a sister site of the popular Payperpost. Once your blog is more than 90 months old, you have posted at least 3 articles weekly with active posting within the 90 days range, no distracting widgets and not too many ads, it will be accepted by the blogging network. Once you are a member, you can access the open marketplace area of the site. One of their advertising strategies is by Cost per Click (CPC) advertising. You will be given a URL which you can post at Twitter. You can add a little description about the advertiser URL that you will tweet to attract your followers and for readers to click and read it. There is a variety of topics which includes health, beauty, travel and medicine, among others. Every time the link will be clicked on and the visitor stays on the site for a period of time, you will earn money. Their rate per click is quite high so it's worth to give it a try.


You earn money through Adjix by shortening your long links. You need to have a Twitter account in order to join this service. Every time you tweet the shortened link and your visitors click on that link, a little ad at the top portion of the site will appear. This makes you earn money. The more tweets and links you post, the more traffic you will get and the more money you will earn. Just don't overdo your tweets as your followers might consider it spamming and they might unfollow you.


Linkbee is another URL shortening service that can you can use with your blogs, forums, websites and even on Twitter. It is a way to archive and bookmark all your favorite links all over the internet while making money at the same time. These links, you can also post at your facebook, friendster, myspace accounts and many more. The more links you create and the more traffic you drive to your site, the more chances you will have to earning money.

There you have it, six (6) different ways to earn money at Twitter. You can always try each one and see which one will give you more income. The earning opportunities on the net is abundant. It's up to us to take advantage of this great opportunity. Self-discipline and making good use of that free time is the key.

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