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4 Benefits of Twitter for Bloggers

1. Research Tool

One thing that I have learnt to enjoy with Twitter is the options that it offers you when it comes to researching posts. Have you reached a dead end with an idea of yours? Twitter it and see what other people have to say about it. Are you looking for examples for points that you are trying to make? Twitter your idea and you may be able to find yourself some decent examples. Do you have a question for which you are not being able to find an answer? Ask other Twitter members if they can help you. Do you want to check out a hypothesis? Conduct a poll on Twitter and see what other people think.

The wonderful thing about Twitter is that it is fast and is used by a large number of people that are from different backgrounds and the 140 character limit that each message has ensures that conversations are precise and productive.

2. Reinforce your personal brand

I have earlier written how interacting on various different mediums is very important when you are trying to build a personal brand for yourself. Irrespective of whether it is real life interactions, bookmarking, blogging or social networking, all of them can help you a lot in building yourself a brand of your own. Twitter is just another 'straw' to add into your personal brand. There have been many messages that I have got from people via Twitter saying things like:- a) " I followed your blog posts on ProBlogger and then lost track of you until I was able to find you on Twitter." b) "I have subscribed to the RSS feed on your blog but seeing you on Twitter makes me remember to read it more." c) "I was going through Twitter when I say your face. i recognized you from facebook so I checked you out."

3. Promote content

The first question that I am asked when I say that I am on Twitter is, "What is the traffic that Twitter helps your blogs get?" I haven't mentioned Twitter as a tool for driving traffic till now as I do not think that this is the main use of this application. This application can promote your content and drive traffic to your sites very well. There is a tool called TwitterFeed that I have been using for four or so weeks to publish URLs and headlines from all of my blog feeds onto my Twitter account.

4. Find yourself new readers

A very big challenge for many bloggers that have been blogging a particular niche for a while is that after a while you reach saturation point. They feel that everyone already knows everything about them and that they have reached a stagnant level in their stats from where they can only go downhill. Usually this happens after six to twelve months of opening a blog. In these cases, it is best that they search for potential readers which they have not yet tapped into. Twitter helps a lot with this. The above mentioned section on branding helps you understand how this works and there are many people who discover your blogs through Twitter. This could give you a lot more new readers and keep your blog running for years to come.

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