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Twitter FAQ

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Celebrities’ interest on Twitter

Hundreds of users are growing every month on Twitter, and most of them are just normal people. Did you know that not only normal like us have Twitter accounts? There are lots of celebrities, especially Hollywood, are beginning to expand their interests in social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Why do celebrities like Twitter so much? This is how they’re tweeting around the corner on what they want to share to all of us. Celebrities are making a huge impact on their number of followers who followed them. If you’re a celebrity, you expect that many fans around the world are going to cheer and support you out no matter what you accomplish something for yourself and for them. Celebrities have the advantage over the normal ones because if they’re well-known by fans all around the world, many fans might subscribe to their list and always updated on every move they have. Every celebrity has their own official website. Like for example, if you are a fan of Lady Gaga, then you’re going to her main website. Not only you who is checking out Lady Gaga’s website, but millions of fans are also checking her site out for latest updates, fashions, concerts and other events. The same thing she does on Twitter, tweeting about her latest updates or what she’s doing right now.

As you may know, there are already celebrities which gains thousands of followers on Twitter daily. One of them is Stephen Fry, who is now the top celebrity Twitter user with more than 98,000 followers. Why he has more followers than any other celebrities? He has been one of the greatest comedians ever to be seen, also an actor and TV presenter as well. He has accomplished everything on his celebrity that generates him more fans than ever. Of course, not only he generated more than 98,000 followers due to his popularity, but also he knows how to promote himself to the world. Other celebrities with more followers are Britney Spears, Shaquille O’Neal, Jimmy Fallon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lance Armstrong, Snoop Dogg, Soulja Boy, Elijah Wood, Michael Phelps and a whole lot more. In the near future, celebrity Twitter users may increase rapidly and it will never stop till the end of Twitter. These celebrities like Twitter a lot, because every time they perform something either on public or private, they tweet it all along. They can tweet as many as possible in a single day, as subscribers and followers are so updated with them. It’s a hobby like no other, and Twitter is the next big thing for both celebrities and normal users like us.

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