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NBA regulations on Twitter

NBA has been the greatest basketball league ever to be made. Not only it impressed the fans of every team in USA, but also impressed thousands of fans around the world. NBA also has their own website and also affiliated with Yahoo Sports. But donít you know that NBA players also use social networks like Facebook and Twitter? Just like celebrities, NBA players also generate thousands of subscribers and followers, because of their popularity and achievements that impressed and attracted many fans worldwide. But there are certain things which NBA donít like the players doing, is by using Twitter hours before or after the game. If we ask them a question on why they donít want players to tweet during hours before or after the game? There could be some reasons out there. One is humiliation, as it happened many times during the NBA season. It may lead to a possible bad outcome if an NBA player humiliates another player or coach through Twitter, and it may found to be a way of disrespecting other players. It was happened last NBA 2008-2009 season, when Milwaukee Bucksí Charlie Villanueva tweets at halftime on updates during their game, as their coach Scott Skiles advised Charlie Villanueva not to do it again. He only did that just to prevent him from humiliating other players, coaches and other officials.

Whether the tweet is good or not, itís still the rules and regulations of NBA. They are just being sensitive in order to have respect with opposing teams and game officials. Not only NBA players must follow the rules and regulations regarding Twitter, but also coaches, staff and game officials as well. They can only tweet when thereís free time for them, not hours during, before or after the game. NBA players with Twitter like Shaquille OíNeal, Allen Iverson, Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire are always updating on Twitter on what theyíre doing right now everyday. They follow rules and regulations of NBA on tweeting, while others are still addicted to it even during, before or after the game. Of course, NBA has their own Twitter account too, but they only tweet something valuable like schedule of games, latest team and player updates and other stuffs related to NBA. This is how NBA must implement for their own good for players, coaches, staff and game officials, as they want things to get normal, not by abusing them through social networks like Myspace and Twitter.

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