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Twitter FAQ

Twitter FAQ

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Tools and Tips that Twitter offers

Netizens across the world have been using Twitter ever since it was launched in August 2006. However, some of them, if you ask, may not be able to tell the exact meaning of the term ‘twitter’. The real meaning of twitter is a half-suppressed laugh or a giggle or a slight trembling of the nerves or to be excited or agitated.

Twitter has gained huge popularity since it started operations from San Francisco. It has, shows recent research, that there are over six million users of the social networking and micro-blogging website.

However, different people have different reasons about signing up with Twitter. It is either generating new traffic to your site or increasing social relationships. And twitter gives you an amazing experience while allowing you to fulfill these goals.

Let us some of the main tools and tips that could be valuable to both new and old users of twitter:

Before opening an account in Twitter, you need to clear in your mind on how you intend to use this popular website. In case you want to generate more web traffic and simultaneously, enhance your social online network, try to open two accounts. You can easily do so by creating two IDs. Make sure that each ID is highly relevant so that other members of twitter can interact with you on that basis.

Know that Twitter allows people to remain connected 24X7. A number of individuals send tweets or text messages every day to friends and followers. In case you are busy and cannot send the tweets at a specific time, try to use the Tweet Later option. It is a tool that informs those users that you are not able to post at tweets at that time or you can automatically post your pre-scheduled ones.

Since the tweets have to max 140 characters, you need to be extra alert while replying to the tweets sent to you. This is the best way to establish good rapport with other users.

In case you desire to share some exciting pictures with other uses, you can simply and safely use the tool called Twitpic. You can straight-away upload pictures as soon as you have opened an account in Twitter. This tool is also well-suited for the website’s mobile phone service.

Do you wish to create informative blogs? Twitter also facilitates micro-blogging. You can safely use AddTweets and other widgets.

While making personal conversations, it is recommended that you should do it elsewhere. This is because tweets are usually passed on to all friends and they may choose not to follow you. However, when others ‘un-follow’ you, it can diminish your presence on this social networking website.

Another important tool is Twittervision by which you can view the whole world. You may also use Twhirl that is compatible for Mac OSX and Windows (XP/ Vista). It is also available in German, Italian, English and Spanish. So go ahead, cross the geographic barrier of your country and get the exhilarating experience of Twitter to interact with friends and followers.

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