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Twitter FAQ

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Twitters Competition with Facebook

In the midst of the early 21st century, social networks are beginning to rise over and over again. Social networks like Friendster and MySpace are one of the most ever used and registered by millions of people around the world, and new competitors are just keeping on rising. Then here comes Facebook, which is another social networking site that is more unique than the other rivals. Social networks are now very attractive to everyone, especially the teenagers. They usually pimp their own profile, uploading pictures, videos and various applications which can be embedded within their profile. Social networks are a community where you can meet new friends and to share and update everything you had in mind. But there’s one social network that is so unique and more reliable and easier than any other rivals or competitors like Facebook. It’s about following every person who updates something they want, which all users can view what you post. However, this social network has only one question for you, “What are you doing?” We’re talking about a social network called Twitter.

Twitter is a unique social networking site that deals more on following every person’s post. Once you followed that person, every time he or she post will keep you updated for sure. You can follow him or her back so that he or she may be also updated on your latest tweets. Speaking of tweets, this term refers to the previous question, “What are you doing?” which you post anything on a message board that everyone may see it. In terms of competition with Facebook, Twitter usually makes your life easier because the only objective you have is to tweet in the Twitter message board and when they follow you, you can easily make friends with them. You can also pimp your own profile on Twitter, with their ready-made templates, or you can buy unique Twitter templates to legitimate sellers in the internet. If you’re in Facebook, they also have a message board only in the profile when you login, and you cannot post if the profile you’re viewing right now is not your friend. But on Twitter, even you have no friends they can see your tweets in the Twitter message board. This is how exactly Twitter was so unique and much easier to use, with a high page rank and huge traffic as well. Of course Facebook also has a high page rank and huge traffic; unfortunately your message board will only be visible to your approved friends. Twitter is much easier to make friends, because followers are considered to be your friends automatically.

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